When both of these conditions for equilibrium are reached the object stays stationary. An object that is in equilbrium will always satisfy both translational equilibrium and rotational equibrium. Forces acting on a swimmer moving through the water A swimmer propelling him or herself through the water has four basic types of forces acting on him ...
Weight: If you can finally accept the concept mass even if we have been unable to define it, weight is easy: The weight of a mass is the force that the earth pulls on the mass. We hope you have a feeling for what force means (and we will discuss it later). The entire idea of weight can be understood as the force of gravity on something.

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If the only force acting on an object with mass m is a Hooke's law force, F = -kx then the motion of the object is simple harmonic motion. With x being the displacement from equilibrium we have. x(t) = Acos(ωt + φ), v(t) = -ωAsin(ωt + φ), a(t) = -ω2Acos(ωt + φ) = -ω2x. ω = (k/m)1/2 = 2πf = 2π/T. A = amplitude ω = angular frequency ...
The formula for the gravitational force includes the gravitational constant, which has a value . The unit of the gravitational force is Newtons (N). F g = gravitational force between two objects G = gravitational constant m 1 = mass of the first object (kg) m 2 = mass of the second object (kg) r = distance between objects (m)

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However, some forces can act on objects without physical contact. These are called non-contact forces. Balanced Forces. When the forces acting on an object are balanced, they cancel each other out. The net force acting on the object is equal to zero. The object is either at rest or moving at a constant velocity. Figure shows a flower pot ...
What is the magnitude of the force needed to maintain the circular motion of a 45-kg cyclist riding a 40-kg bicycle at 12.5 m/s around a 35.0-m radius circular track. Solution . Problem 56. Two force and of magnitude 5N each, inclined to each other at 60 degrees, act on a body. Find the resultant force acting on the body. Solution . Problem 57.

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A merry-go-round has a diameter of 10m and a period of 10 seconds. There are 2 circles of horses, at 3 m radius and at the outer edge. If a rider has a mass of 50 kg, calculate: • Speed of the horses at the edge and 3 m • Centripetal acceleration of each horse • Centripetal force on each horse
This problem has been solved! See the answer. Problem 6: An object of mass m has these three forces acting on it (there is no normal force, "no surface"). F1 = 4 N, F2 = 8 N, and F3 = 5 N. Assume the x -direction is to the right, and the y -direction is straight upwards.

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For a particle of mass m, a force is applied with results in an acceleration a. The acceleration changes the velocity vector by a small amount, delta v, every interval of time, delta t. This results in trajectories, a vector map of the changes in position from an origin, the vector x and the velocities, vector v.
F=ma 40N-8N=32N of force in a direction 32N=5(a) a=6.4 m/s 2 12. An object of mass 30 kg is in free fall in a vacuum where there is no air resistance. Determine the acceleration of the object. Since it is in free fall and is falling due to the force of gravity.....the acceleration will always be 9.8 m/s 2 13. An object of mass 30 kg is falling ...

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The potential energy of an object in this case is given by the relation: PE = mgh . where PE = Energy (in Joules) m = mass (in kilograms) g = gravitational acceleration of the earth (9.8 m/sec 2) h = height above earth's surface (in meters) Kinetic Energy: Kinetic Energy exists whenever an object which has mass is in motion with some velocity.

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a situation in which the only force acting on an object is the force due to gravity friction: a force past each other of objects that are touching; examples include rough surfaces and air resistance net external force: the vector sum of all external forces acting on an object or system; causes a mass to accelerate Newton’s second law of motion:
This person wants to accelerate the lawn mower at m/s 2. The lawn mower has a mass of m= kg. The person pushes on the lawn mower at an angle \theta= degrees. With what force, F, should they push, in the direction shown, to do so? There are no other forces acting on the lawn mower, other than F, the person's push.

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Apr 21, 2008 · A circular object of mass m is rolling down a ramp that makes an angle with the horizontal. The weight, mg, of the object exerts a torque through the object's center of mass. The object rotates about its point of contact with the ramp, so the length of the lever arm equals the radius of the object.
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Ved Prakash Lakhera, Meritnation Expert added an answer, on 17/9/15. Ved Prakash Lakhera answered this. When three forces F 1, F 2 and F 3 act on a body of mass m then there is balance, it means the resultant of forces F 2 and F 3 is F 1. Now when direction of force F 1 is reversed, the total force acting on the particle of mass m is , F 1 + F 1 = 2 F 1 and m a = 2 F 1 OR a = 2 F 1 m.
m 1 v 1 + m 2 v 2 = m 3 v 3 (where m 3 = m 1 + m 2) where v 1 and v 2 are the initial velocities and v 3 and m 3 (m 3 = m 1 + m 2 ) are the final velocity and mass after the collision. In other words the large object formed by collision has the momentum equal to the two momentums of the colliding objects added together.

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The masses of these particles are m A = 363 kg, m B = 517 kg, and m C = 154 kg. Find the magnitude and direction of the net gravitational force acting on (a) particle A, (b) particle B, and (c) particle C.
Solved: You apply the same force to two objects. Object 1 has mass M and object 2 has mass 5M. a) ten times that of object 1 b) five times that...
A merry-go-round has a diameter of 10m and a period of 10 seconds. There are 2 circles of horses, at 3 m radius and at the outer edge. If a rider has a mass of 50 kg, calculate: • Speed of the horses at the edge and 3 m • Centripetal acceleration of each horse • Centripetal force on each horse
The greater the mass the greater the amount of force needed to accelerate the object. More force is required to move a heavier object than a lighter object. Newton’s Second Law of Motion gives us an exact relationship between force, mass and acceleration. It can be expressed as a mathematical equation. F = M x A or Force = MASS X ACCELERATION
Gravity "happens" because objects have mass. Electrical forces -- because they have charge. Magnetic forces arise from moving charge (e.g., electrical currents); [sometimes atomic level currents!!] Every object in the universe pulls on every other object in the universe -- and all the other objects pull back!! All forces come in pairs.

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